Raising rent 10% is too much, says lawmaker proposing California bill to prevent more homelessness

Sen. María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) speaks at the Aliso-Pico Recreation Center in Boyle Heights on Friday, March 10, 2023, in support of a bill she’s authoring, called the Homelessness Prevention Act, which would provide more protections to tenants.
Orange County Register | Photo by Linh Tat

Hoping to build on California’s Tenant Protection Act of 2019, a state lawmaker from Los Angeles is working on a bill to prevent even more tenants from falling into homelessness in a state that continues to rank first in the number of unhoused people.

Sen. María Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) on Friday, March 10, kicked off a campaign to promote Senate Bill 567, also known as the Homelessness Prevention Act, which aims to further protect tenants from unjust evictions and excessive rent hikes.

Inflation, combined with the end of COVID-19 pandemic-related eviction protections, have put many renters at risk of not being able to pay their rent and losing their homes, backers of SB 567 say.

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